The Real Human is a platform built to support and inspire by sharing YOUR real life stories.

The more we can share and talk openly about our own experiences, the more we can connect as a community and support each other to overcome challenges we face as musicians. 

If you have a story to share about a personal challenge that you’ve overcome in your life as a musician (or maybe you’re in the middle of something right now) then please tell us about it by using this form. 

We’ll be in touch if we need more information. 


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Writing guidelines 

  • Aim for a word count of around 600-1000 words and make sure you write a captivating introduction.
  • Tell us a personal story from your life as a musician.
  • Share the detail of your experience to engage the reader, painting a vivid picture of a life experience that we can all relate to.
  • Make your story insightful and thought provoking, as the purpose is for our community to understand themselves on a deeper level. 
  • If you went through a tough time, then tell us: what happened? How did you feel at the time? What did you do to change your circumstances? What was the result of making these changes?
  • Offer real life insights, advice and practical tips to help people with similar problems.
  • Upload a photo or video to be included with the post, and a selfie style picture of yourself.