We’re definitely not rockstars, but we do have fans!

The community of Real Human Musicians have had some inspirational success stories from working with us.

We’d like to share some of their stories with you.

“The sessions with Kristy were invaluable and helped me though a challenging time. She empathised like a friend and in addition to that she asked poignant questions that made me think and enabled me to grow in confidence and resilience. These internal changes became visible changes witnessed by others, which meant I was able to take on larger responsibilities.

I now feel more confidence and value in my abilities/input which I feel has made me more assertive. I'm focusing more on my achievements and what has one well (rather than just what hasn’t gone well) and I feel stressed less often and to a lesser extent which I feel shows I am becoming more resilient and can now manage stress in a different way.

Coaching has propelled me forward in my career, and it will continue to play an integral part of my development as I continue to tackle self-limiting beliefs and periods of self-doubt.” 


“Your coaching sessions have helped me place things into perspective (especially specific issues I have around rejection, growing my network and confidence). You listened to me effortlessly, and I feel that I now have clarity of the issues I'm facing and a clear way forward. Thanks so much.” 


“You’ve provided me with the confidence and skills to better deal with challenging conversations. Feedback sessions with fellow musicians have been a lot more productive, and the conversations I’m having in every part of my life are more meaningful and beneficial. The prospect of having difficult conversations with people is now not a daunting thought.

The coaching has also been a great success in terms of organising and managing my workload. I feel that I’m being much more productive with my time and this has led to some noticeable changes in the amount of time I spend at work vs home.” 


"Whilst I felt I could’ve already done more before we spoke, Kristy was very non judgemental and just focused on how I might move forward. The questions she asked really made me think and weren't always easy to answer - so they worked on a level that I really had to concentrate on the issue.

I feel we were definitely talking about the right things and I was helped to identify the central issue through questioning that make me look at the situation from a number of perspectives. I have some immediate goals that I believe are the first steps and will focus on longer term goals as my development continues.

I am 100% committed to taking steps to address the issue and doing something different to ensure things don’t slip back. Can't wait to get started!” 


“This coaching came at a really good time for me. I had nearly cracked under existing pressures and I had a good rounded view of what I needed to work on so it supported me through a really tough time. My reflection on how I behave and react is now really good – I’m much more self-aware and I'm achieving more now than I ever originally dreamed of.

The regularity of our conversation really assisted me; as the focus stayed on to take me to the next level. The one on one sessions really assist because it’s relevant and you can tackle any challenges as they come up in the moment.“


“I feel much more confident & happy now. I've learned how to manage my time effectively and have put the tools to the test which have worked! I'm not continually working all hours of the day anymore which has made a massive difference to my home & work life balance. I've been able to challenge timescales using these tools & feel comfortable pushing back if appropriate.”

Lisa T

“The results from implementing these tools and techniques are highly favourable as the band that I manage are now working together better than ever before.  We've been able to overcome conflict that we were experiencing and this has led to a huge improvement in the quality of the music we're creating. This has changed the external perception of us and I can't wait to see what the future holds.”



"Thanks for all the support and guidance you have given me in both 121 coaching and workshops. I have always found you inspirational and your encouragement and support has really helped me gain so much confidence.” 

Lisa W