We’re all in the same storm, but we’re not all in the same boat

The current world

The Coronavirus global pandemic has hit us all hard in 2020. None of us expected to be ‘locked down’ in our homes with no physical contact with friends and family. All over the world, we’re trying to find a new normal and doing a great job of adjusting to the world we’re living in, but it’s tough.

This pandemic has really impacted musicians and those working in the music industry. We’ve had gig cancellations (my whole summer gigging schedule has been cancelled), tour postponements and a lack of financial support from the Government for lost income. Times are very hard at the moment. With this in mind, it can be really difficult to maintain a consistently good level of wellbeing.

There are some things we can’t control. For example, coronavirus, Government policies or the behaviour of other people. However, there are some things that we can control. Something to really focus on is your wellbeing.

Looking after your wellbeing

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 we’ve pulled together our top tips on important focus areas to enhance your wellbeing in this really tricky time. You don’t have to master each one, just take a moment to reflect on the topics. You might find there’s a small action you can implement that will make a BIG difference to your wellbeing.

You’ll see the following focus areas that we think are really important to spend some time working on at the moment: creating, connecting, grounding, releasing, self-care, mindset and kindness.

Just click on the relevant picture below and the link will take you to the individual articles with full info and top tips.

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